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What Do Employees Want Most From Their Bosses?


Employees expect a lot from their managers and bosses. Once you find yourself in such a role, know that employees look to you for making many of the facets of life at work positive and engaging for them.

Sometimes it’s downright scary the number of expectations that employees have of their direct bosses. They want a close, sharing relationship with the manager to whom they report. Not overbearing or nosy, but close.

They want to be part of the in-crowd, employees who know everything there is to know as soon as any other employee. And, employees want their managers and bosses to treat them with respect—as if they matter—because they do.

Employees look to the boss for leadership and company direction. They want control of their work and to make decisions about factors that affect their contribution. They want the opportunity to grow and develop both on the job and at seminars and trade shows.

It takes an enormous commitment on the part of the boss to fulfill their expectations.

But, there is one factor that employees want more than any other as it affects all aspects of their life at work. Employees want honesty from their managers and bosses. Find out how they see honesty playing out in the workplace.


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