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susanThis site is about you and for you. It offers common sense management and professional development advice that will help you grow your career and achieve all of your goals and dreams.

Want to get better at managing employees? Want ideas about how to creatively and professionally promote your career? How about just getting along with difficult people at work? You’ll find that this site covers all of these topics and so much more.

After spending 30+ years working as a company owner, board member, HR and management consultant, training manager, organization development consultant, HR director, writer and community college extension leader, I am overflowing with experiences and information I’d love to share with you.

Sharing knowledge and teaching has been the foundation for my entire career no matter my job title or responsibilities. I was blessed with the opportunity of writing the Human Resources site at (now for the past 19+ years. I’ve reached millions of people with the information that I plan to share with you here.

At this point in my career, my sole goal is to share this knowledge and experience with you. I want to give you accurate, thoughtful HR and management information.

My focus has always been on forward-thinking people who want to stretch their imagination about how people can relate to each other and their workplaces.

I emphasize forward-looking concepts and want to challenge the thinking of people in workplaces worldwide. Changing workplaces one step at a time.


For the past twenty years, I’ve been writing online. For ten of those years, I wrote an almost daily blog post at The new owners of eliminated the blog so that the expert writers would focus on evergreen content creation—which I did.

My former site is now a part of a larger overall site called The You can find all of my articles by starting here. You will also appreciate my HR page on Facebook where 40,000 people follow my posts. Why not visit and like my page to receive links to my articles in your feed.

I have never stopped missing the blog, though, the daily opportunity to share with and interact with readers. Hence, this new site and newsletter I have developed. I hope that you will come back often and visit.

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