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Highlights about Susan Heathfield (Hamilton)

  • Management and organization development consultant who specializes in values-based management to create workplaces that foster success for customers and employees.
  • Creates forward-thinking workplaces that help to develop better people who build their foundation on their core values. Has worked with more than 100 clients and facilitated more than 2,000 training and planning sessions.
  • Co-owner of TechSmith Corporation, a software development company with around 300 employees who are also co-owners.
  • Quoted as an expert on workplace issues in publications including The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Susan wrote the Human Resources and people management section for The Balance Careers (and prior to that, About.com) from 2000 until 2021.
  • The focus of this site is to inform and teach and help people access the best online content. See the 12 Foundational Values and Beliefs that form the foundation for the site.
  • Susan’s mission is to provide accurate, thoughtful, forward-looking information for forward-thinking people who wish to stretch their imagination about how people can relate with customers, coworkers, and their workplace. People who want to share a new vision about these relationships will return frequently. We’re changing workplaces one step at a time…

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